DjVu to XHTML XSL Stylesheets

Version 0.20

Author: Kevin Reiss

Last Updated: 3/10/04

Contact at with questions, comments and suggestions.

Purpose: XSL stylesheets that convert instances of bundled or indirect DjVu documents to XTHML [1.0 transitional]. Also provide a means to embed Dublin Core metadata within the output XHTML file for indexing purposes. The Dublin Core file is accepted as an input paramter when the XSLT processor is invoked to transform the output of the "djvutoxml" command in djvulibre to XHTML using the stylesheets provided here.

You'll need the following to run these:

  1. DjVulibre 3.5.12. You'll need the djvutoxml command located in the xmltools folder in the source distribution. You also might need the xml2utf8 or xml2utf16 commands located in the same folder.
  2. A conforming XSLT 1.0 Processor. I use libxslt, whose command line frontend is installed on most UNIX based systems as "xsltproc". If you'd like to download this library visit
  3. Download and test the version 0.20 stylsheets: djvuxsl.0.20.tar.gz

Visit the following files for further information:

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Example Note: Example file is taken from the New Jersey Digital Legal Library [NJDLL].