Technologies Used in the New Jersey Digital Legal Library

In conjunction with our mission to make New Jersey Legal Materials freely available to the public we are also committed to the use of free and open technologies in the New Jersey Digital Legal Library. This website is hosted on a Linux Server utilizing the Apache HTTP Server. The website has been built using web standards: XHMTL, CSS, and the DOM. The browsing features are powered by a combination of PHP scripts and XSL stylesheets. The full-text search feature utilize the open-source indexing program Swish-e.

NJDLL Software

DjVu XSL Stylesheets
We have developed a set of XSLT Stylesheets that utlize the open-source DjVuLibre Library to create indexable XHTML documents of the hidden OCR text that DjVu documents can contain. If metadata records that can be exported to XML are available for the documents, these stylesheets can be used to embed this metadata in meta tags in XHTML output documents. For more information and to download the stylesheets visit the DjVu XSL Stylesheets homepage.