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January 2 2013

A-40-11 Frank J. Nostrame v. Natividad Santiago, Betsy Santiago, Mazie Slater, Katz & Freeman LLC (& A-40-11
A-41-11 State v. Blaine F. Scoles A-41-11
A-42-11 Farmers Mut. Fire Ins. Co. v. N.J. Prop.-Liab. Ins. Guar. Ass'n A-42-11

January 3 2013

A-38 and A-102-11 Robert Sipko v. Koger Inc A-38-102-11
A-85-11 State v. Angelina Nicole Carlucci A-85-11
A-90-11 State v. Michael B. Franklin A-90-11

January 14 2013

A-57-11 Daniel Angland v. Mountain Creek Resort, Inc A-57-11
A-66-11 Alex Perez v. Professionally Green LLC A-66-11
A-81-11 Division of Youth and Family Services v. I.S. A-81-11
A-88-11 State v. Eric Clemente Rangel A-88-11

January 15 2013

A-50-11 In The Matter Of The Liquidation of Integrity Insurance Company The Celotex Asbestos Trust A-50-11
A-72/73/74/75/76/77/78/79-11 Advance Housing, Inc. v. Township of Teaneck A-72-73-74-75-76-77-78-79-11
A-91-11 State v. Oscar Porter A-91-11

January 28 2013

A-127-11/A-14-12 In re Plan for the Abolition of the Council on Affordable Housing A-127-11-A-14-12
A-65-11 Estate of Frederick Hetmanski v. Rahway Hospital A-65-11
A-93-11 State v. Bruce D. Sterling A-93-11

January 29 2013

A-70-11 State v. Bernard Youngkin A-70-11
A-82-83-11 Anthony D'Agostino v. Ricardo Maldonado A-82-83-11

February 26 2013

In the Matter of Advisory Letter No. 3-11 and Opinion No. 12-08 of the Supreme Court Committee on Ex A-23-24-25-26-11
State v. Kin Chi Wong a/k/a Xi Yi Gao A-92-11
Kelly Ruroede v. Borough of Hasbrouck Heights A-95-11
Kane Properties, L.L.C. v. City of Hoboken A-96-97-11

February 27 2013

Amratlal C. Bhagat v. Bharat A. Bhagat A-31-11
Willingboro Mall, Ltd. v. 240/242 Franklin Ave., L.L.C. A-62-11
State v. John J. Lawless, Jr. A-89-11
State v. Antoine Stevens A-98-11

March 11 2013

Harlan W. Waksal v. Director, Div. of Taxation A-103-11
State v. Samander S. Dabas A-109-11
Bond v. Bond A-111-11
State v. Shaffona Moran A-119-11

March 12 2013

Darnice Green v. Morgan Properties A-100-11
Paul Emma v. Jessica Evans A-112-11
State v. Troy N. Nate A-99-11
In the matter of Raymond T. Roche D-158-11
In the matter of Jeffrey P. Squitieri D-63-12

April 16 2013

State v. Richard Ramon Gardner A-108-11
State v. Derrick Brown A-113-11
In the matter of Michael A. Casale D-32-12
In the matter of Bryan C. Schroll D-46-12

April 17 2013

TSI East Brunswick LLC v. Zoning Bd. of Adjustment of the Twp. of East Brunswick A-124-11
Michael Battaglia v. United Parcel Service, Inc. A-86-87-11
In the matter of Amedeo A. Gaglioti D-112-11

April 29 2013

Borough of Saddle River v. 66 East Allendale, LLC A-126-11
State v. Giuseppe Tedesco A-50-12
Karen Cole v. Jersey City Medical Center and Liberty Anesthesia Associates, LLC A-6-12

May 13 2013

State v. Joseph Diorio A-110-11
IMO:JB A-11-12
Boro. of Harvey Cedars v. Karan A-120-11
State v. William ODriscoll A-7-12
Hirsch v. Amper Financial Services A-9-12

May 14 2013

I/M/O Feng Li A-105-12
DYFS v. R.G. and J.G. A-116-11
Norfolk Southern Railway Company v. Intermodal Properties, LLC A-117-11
State v. Gene Hinton A-3-4-12

September 10 2013

ADS Asso. Group, Inc. v. Oritani A-114-11
State v. Dwayne E. Slaughter A-134-11

September 23 2013

State v. Sean Bell A-21-12
State of NJ in the Interst of K.O. A-28-12
State v. Diana M. Palma A-41-11

September 24 2013

Beim v. Hulfish A-33-34-12

October 8 2013

State v. Kevin Williams A-08-12
State v. David M. Gibson A-27-12
State v. Christopher Dekowiski A-35-12

October 21 2013

Princeton Office Park Lp v. Plymouth Park Tax Service LLC A-107-11
State v. Carl Hreha A-115-11
State v. Byseem T. Coles A-15-12
Manahawkin Convalescent v. O'Neill A-17-12
State v. Terry C. Jones A-19-12
State v. Michael W. Lamb A-37-12
IMO Steven E. Savage D-153-12

November 4 2013

Gormley v. Wood El A-101_106-11
Isabel Nichols v. Board of Trustees, Public Employees' Retirement System A-29-12
State v. Kirby Lenihan A-45-12

November 7 2013

State v. Carlos Bolvito A-44-12

November 18 2013

O'Boyle v. Borough of Longport A-16-12
State v. Raymond D. Kates A-40-12
Hitesmn v. Bridgeway Inc. A-73-12

November 19 2013

Hersh v. County of Morris A-118-11
IMO Civil Commitment of D.Y. A-42-12
Hersh v. County of Morris A-59-12


January 4 2012

State v. Marcus King A-104-10
DYFS v. F.M. A-108-10
State v. Carlton Harris A-111-10
McDougall v. Lamm A-99-10
In The Matter Of Donald S. Burak D-117-10

January 5 2012

In The Matter Of Anthony M. Mahoney D-19-11
In The Matter Of Kenneth H. Brookman D-28-11
Winters v. North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue A-45-46-47-10

January 17 2012

State v. Thomas J. Shannon A-117-10
Edward C. Bertucio A-18-10
State v. Antonio C. DeShazo A-21-10
State v. Aaron Crooms A-23-10
State v. Darnell Bland and Alnesha Minitee A-70-71-10
State v. Aaron Crooms A-23-10
State v. Darnell Bland and Alnesha Minitee A-70-71-10

January 18 2012

State v Shareef Edmonds A-106-10
American Dream at Marlboro, LLC v The Planning Board of the Township of Marlboro A-107-10
State v Juan Pablo Santos A-114-10
New Jersey Association of Schooll Administrators v Schundler A-98-10

January 27 2012

In Re: Contest of 11/8/11 General Election, etc. A-58-11

January 30 2012

State v. Johnnie Parker A-115-10
Memorial Properties, LLC v. Zurich American Ins. Co. A-119-10
State v. Charles Mordan A-120-10
Cornett v. Johnson and Johnson A-88-89-10

January 31 2012

Twenty-First Century Rail Corp. vs N.J. Transit Corp. A-101-10
State vs Boyce Singleton Jr A-124-10
In The Matter Of Duncan G. Cameron D-38-11

February 26 2012

In the matter of Vincent Paragano D-48-12

February 27 2012

In the matter of Neil A. Malvone D-31-12
In the matter of Christopher P. Hummel D-61-12

March 1 2012

Selective Insurance Company of America v. Hudson East Pain Management A-105-10
State v. Barrington McDonald A-118-10
In The Matter of the Parentage of a Child by T.J.S. and A.L.S. A-130-10
In The Matter Of Arthur R. Gloeser D-20-11
In The Matter Of Timothy J. Provost D-56-11

March 12 2012

Sussex Commons Associates, LLC. v. Rutgers, The State University A-97-10

March 13 2012

State v. Leroy Munroe A-125-10
In re: Ronald C. Kollman, Jr., Pet. for Expungement A-126-10
State v. Norman Jackson; A-131-132-10
In The Matter Of John A. Tunney D-63-11
In The Matter Of Nicholas R. Mazi D-64-11

March 26 2012

Stencil v. Ace USA A-112-10
Depascale V. State of New Jersey A-34-11

March 27 2012

Shelton v. Restaurant.Com Inc A-123-10
State v. Manaf Stat A-14-11
State v. Derek J. Kaltner A-8-11

April 24 2012

McGovern v. Rutgers, The State University A-113-10
State In The Interest Of A.D. A-122-10/A-10-11
State In The Interest Of V.A., M.R.,C.T. A-9-19-20-11

April 25 2012

State v. Herrerra Gonzalez A-122-10
D.W. v. R.W A-4-11

May 7 2012

State v. Joseph Schubert, Jr A-15-11
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection v. Ofra Dimant A-2-11

May 8 2012

Trautmann v. Christie A-16-11
State v. J.D. A-33-11
In The Matter Of Neil H. Braunstein D-66-11
In the matter of Michael D. Sinko D-93-11

May 15 2012

Murray v. Plainfield Rescue Squad A-128-11
State in the Interest of A.W. A-1-11

September 10 2012

Headen v Jersey City Bd of Ed A-17-11
DYFS v AL A-28-11
State v Kevin M Campfield A-43-11
In The Matter Of Kim Andre Fellenz D-125-11
In The Matter Of John G. Takacs D-136-11
In The Matter Of Jerold N. Kamisky D-67-11

September 11 2012

Lee v. Rah; A-22-11
State v Terrence Miller A-35-11
Desir v. Vertus A-3-11
In The Matter Of Kenneth P. Sirkin D-124-11
In The Matter Of Yong Wook Kim D-128-11
In The Matter Of Eugene M. La Vergne D-1-11

September 24 2012

Borough of East Rutherford v East Rutherford PBA Local 275 A-24-11
State v Ralph Sowell A-27-11
Prime Accounting Dept v Township of Carneys Point A-32-11

September 25 2012

In The Matter Of Mark G. Yates D-141-11
In The Matter Of Robert A. Solomon D-91-11
In The Matter Of Joseph R. Giannini D-94-11
D.D. v. Univ. of Medicine and Dentistry of N.J. and Rutgers, The State Univ. of N.J. A-29-30-11
State v. Don C. Shaw A-48-11

October 10 2012

State v. Michael Cahill A-47-11
Northgate Condominium Association Inc v Borough of Hillsdale Planning Board A-5-11

October 11 2012

IMO subpoena Duces Tecum on Custodian of Records, Criminal Division Manager, Morris County A-25-11
State v. Rashad Walker A-49-11
State v. Larson O'Connor A-51-11
Nicholas v. Mynster A-6-7-11

October 22 2012

612 Associates, LLC v. North Bergen Municipal Utilities Authority A-13-11
Longo v. Pleasure Productions,Inc A-37-11
State v. Thomas Earls A-53-11

October 23 2012

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection v. Huber A-116-10
State v. Askia Nash A-36-11
State v. John J. Rockford, III A-54-11

November 5 2012

Price v Himeji LLC A-46-11
Ten Story Dom Partnership v Mauro A-52-11
State v Keith R Buckley A-55-11
State v Cesar Albert Vargas A-56-11

November 14 2012

In The Matter Of COAH A-90-91-92-93-94-10

November 27 2012

In the Matter of Advisory letter Number 7-11 of Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Extrajudicial Ac A-12-11
Town of Kearny v Brandt A-60-61-11
STATE V A.R. A-63-11
In The Matter Of Randi Kern D-156-11

November 28 2012

A-39-11 In the Matter of John C. Johnson Cape May County A-39-11
A-64-11 State v. Osborne S. Maloney; A-64-11
A-67-11 State v. Jarrett Parker A-67-11
A-68-11 State v. Robert Handy A-68-11


January 4 2011

State v. Dwayne Gillispie and Gregory Buttler A-101-09
State v. Zarik Rose A-111-09
State v. Zarik Rose A-114-09
In The Matter Of Decision On CAA 47- 2007 A-14-08-01042011
In The Matter Of The Application Of Michael D. Grillo B-58-10
In The Matter Of Kenneth M. Denti D-98-09

January 5 2011

Seidman v. Clifton Savings Bank A-100-09
Durando v. The Nutley Sun A-105-09
State v. Marie Hess A-113-09
Nuckel v. Boro. of Little Ferry Planning Bd. A-3/4-10
Abbott v. Burke M-1293-09

January 18 2011

State v. R.T. A-73-09
State v. Jamiyl Dock A-8-10
Gonzalez v. Wilshire Credit Corporation A-99-09
In The Matter Of Kimberly S. Tyler D-129-09
IMO Christiopher P. Hummel M-516-10

January 19 2011

Buck v. Henry A-10-10
J.D. v. M.D.F. A-115-09
Abouzaid v. Mansard Gardens Associates A-5-10
In The Matter Of Elaiane Russotti D-15-10/R-2-10

January 31 2011

PBA, Local No. 11 v. City of Trenton A-116-09
GMAC v. Pittella A-15-10
Passaic Valley Seerage v. St. Paul Fire and Marine Ins. A-97-09
In The Matter Of Jordan B. Luber D-148-09
In The Matter Of Tina Fellows D-36-10

February 8 2011

Higgins v. Thurber A-12-10
In The Matter Of Anthony Stallworth, Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority A-6-10
Too Much Media, LLC V. Hale A-7-10

February 28 2011

State v. Michael Hayes A-13-10
Dept. of Children and Families, DYFS v. T.B. A-21-10
William W. Allen v. V and A Brothers, Inc. A-30-10
In The Matter Of Laurence A. Heckler D-140-09

March 1 2011

State v. William E. Rivera A-11-10
In the Matter Of Nicholas R. Foglio, Fire Fighter (M2246D), Ocean City A-16-10
Gregory Russo v. Board of Trustees, Police and Firemen's Retirement System A-20-10
In The Matter Of Thomas A. Giamanco D-20-10
In The Matter Of Ben Katz D-43-10
In The Matter Of Jeffrey Abramowitz D-61-10

March 14 2011

Voss v. Tranquilino A-110-10
Perrelli v. Pastorelle A-22-10
State v. L.H. A-31-10
Aronberg v. Tolbert A-9-10

March 15 2011

NJ Dept. of Children and Families, DYFS v. K.A. A-24-10
State v. George Calleia A-32-10
Luchejko v. The City of Hoboken A-38-10
In The Matter Of Gordon A. Washington D-20-10

March 28 2011

Lombardi v. Masso A-28/29-10
Lombardi v. Masso A-35-10
State v. Larry Henderson A-8-08part2

March 29 2011

Risko v. Thompson Muller Automotive Group, Inc. A-27-10
Sachau v. Sachau A-33-10
Builders and Associates, Inc. v. Yuna Corporation of NJ A-34-10
In The Matter Of Walter D. Nealy D-32-10
In The Matter Of Anthony N. Picillo D-35-10
In The Matter Of Anthony N. Picillo D-70-10

April 20 2011

Abbott v. Burke M-1293-09-P2

May 3 2011

NJDYFS v. R.D. A_2_10
Karen Wood v. New Jersey Manufacturers Ins. Co. A-44-10
Winters v. North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue A_45_46_47_10
In the matter of Herbert F. Lawrence D-47-10
In the matter of Thomas E. Hood D-51-10
In the matter of Thomas E. Hood D-51-10_1
In the matter of Daniel D. Hediger D-55-10
In the matter of Thomas E. Hood D-68-10

May 4 2011

Whirlpool Properties, Inc. v. Director, Division of Taxation A-25-10
Pomerantz Paper Corp. v. New Community Corp. A_41_42_10
In the matter of Carole King Boyd D-76-10
In the matter of Carole King Boyd M-290-10
In the matter of Carole King Boyd M-312-10
Vasil Kovalcik v. Somerset County Prosecutor's Office A-43-10P2

May 17 2011

In the matter of Carole King Boyd 2011_rules_hearing
In the matter of Carole King Boyd Justice_R_S

June 14 2011

In the matter of Steven P. Perskie D-75-10

July 12 2011

In the matter of Lenoard S. Needle D-130-10
In the matter of Eugene M. LaVergne D-84-10
In the matter of Melvin G. Duke D-88-10

September 12 2011

State v. Diaz-Bridges A-49-50-10
Davis v. Devereux Foundation A-54-55-10
State v. McDonald A-56-10
State v. Hudson A-64-10
Boro of Sayreville v. 35 Club, LLC A-66-10

September 13 2011

State v. Danny Lazo A-14-10
A_51_52_10 Cast Art Industries, LLC v. KPMG, LLP A-51-52-10
Tannen v. Tannen A-53-10

September 26 2011

State v. Stanley Cliff Smith A-68-10
Polzo v. County of Essex A-74_75-10
State v. Reynold Regis A-81-10
State v. Shannon Reeves A-86-10

September 27 2011

McDade v. Siazon A-59-10
Rogers v. Cape May County Office of the Public Defender A-63-10
State v. Stanford Yough A-67-10

October 11 2011

State v. Roy Friedman A-18-19-10
State v. James Mauti A-48-10
State v. Krishana L. Hammond A-57-58-10
In The Matter Of Michele M. Simmsparris D-140-10
In The Matter Of Michael Robert Gidro D-153-10
In The Matter Of Daniel Ellis D-155-10

October 12 2011

Van Dunk v. Reckson Associates Realty Corp A-69-10
Wilson v. City of Jersey City A-61-62-10

October 24 2011

State v. Aurello Ray Cagno A-60-10
Mazdabrook Commons Homeowners Association v. Khan A-65-10
Kendall v. Hoffman-LA Roche Inc A-73-10
In The Matter Of Peter Rosen D-122-10
In The Matter Of Ty Hyderally D-134-10

October 25 2011

Humphries v. Powder Mill Shopping Plaza A-100-10
State v. Derrick Harris, Sr A-103-10
Walker v. Giuffre A-72-10
State v. Buddy Randolph A-87-10
In The Matter Of Jose A. Izquierdo D-147-10

November 7 2011

Gere v. Louis A-78-10
Ganno v. American Home Products, Inc A-80-10
U.S. Bank, N.A. v. Hough A-82-83-10

November 9 2011

State v. J.A.C A-102-10
State v. Frensel Gaitan A-109-10
State v. Rohan Goulbourne A-129-10
Seals v. County of Morris A-84-85-10
In The Matter Of Steeve J. Augustin D-100-10

November 29 2011

Jersey Central Power and Light Co. v Melcar Utility Co. A-96-10
In The Matter Of Katrina F. Wright D-150-10
In The Matter Of Paul L. Abramo D-62-10

November 30 2011

US Bank National Association v. Guillaume A-11-11
State v. Reynaldo Galicia A-79-10
Rowe v. Mazel Thirty, LLC. A-95-10
In The Matter Of Kevin P. Wigenton D-131-10
In The Matter Of Thomas G. Masciocchi D-77-10


January 5 2010

State in the Interest of C.V. A-06-09
Dean v. Barrett Homes, Inc. A-15-09
Linden Board of Education v. Linden Education Association A-17-09
In the matter of Richard W. Banas D-10-09
In the matter of Loren K. Robinson D-25-09
In the matter of Nicholas R. Manzi M-426-09

January 6 2010

City of Atlantic City v. Trupos A-23-09
State v. John Wessells A-27-09
Crespo v. Crespo A-28-09
State v. Jason V. Broom-Smith A-3-09

January 20 2010

Marcinczyk v. State of New Jersey Police Training Commission A-19-09
State v. Duane Kelly A-24-09
State v. Frank Dellisanti A-29-09
Guido v. Duane Morris, LLP A-31-09

February 1 2010

State v. Karlton L. Blackmon A-18-09
State v. P.S. A-21-09
Davanne Realty v. Edison Township A-25-09
1717 Realty Asso. v. Boro of Fair Lawn A-26-09
In the matter of Thomas A. Cattani D-11-09
In the matter of David W. Bowyer D-18-09
In the matter of Dawn L. Jackson D-46-09
In the matter of Mark E. Gold D-50-09

February 2 2010

State v. Johnnie Davile A-20-09
State v. Graciano Martinez Rosales A-32-09
State v. German Marquez A-35-09

February 22 2010

State v. Biran M. Johnnson A-37-09
Kalogeras v. 239 Broad Avenue, L.L.C. A-42-09
State v. Biran M. Johnnson A-85-08
In the matter of Jeffrey A. Foushee D-58-09
Paragon Contractors v. Peachtree Condominium A-41-09

February 23 2010

State v. Richard Clarke and State v. William T. Dolan A-11-12-09
State v. Eugene Basil A-34-09
In The Matter of Tenure Hearing of Gilbert Young A-39-09
In the matter of Bernard Meiterman D-34-09
In the matter of Jeffrey D. Lavenhar D-55-09

March 8 2010

State v. Jeremiah Hupka A-36-09
NJ Lawyers' Fund For Client Protection v. Stewart Title Guaranty Co. A-44-09
Myron Corp. v. Atlantic Mutual Ins. Co. A-53-09

March 9 2010

State v. Shem Walker A-40-09
Stelluti v. Casapenn Enterprises A-43-09
Ryan v. Renney A-50-09
Quinlan v. Curtiss-Wright Corporation A-51-09

March 22 2010

Klumpp v. Boro. of Avalon A-49-09
Hubner v. Spring Valley Equestrian Center A-52-09
Est. of Nick Hanges v. Metropolitan Property and Casualty Ins. Co. A-62-09
In re Petition for Referendum on City of Trenton Ordianance 09-02 A-70-09

April 26 2010

IMO Civil Commitment of W.X.C. A-33-09
State v. Alice O'Donnell A-54-09
State v. Wendell Mann A-56-09
IMO D.C and D.C. A-71-09
In the matter of David R. Gross D-61-09
In the matter of Robert L. Filauro D-74-09
State of New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services v. I.S. A-74-08

April 27 2010

Lee v. Carter-Reed Co. A-38-09
State v. Laura Moran A-55-09
Tac Association v. New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection A-57-09
State in the Interest of A.S. A-58/59-09
In the matter of Karin R. White-Morgen D-28-09
In the matter of Karin R. White-Morgen D-72-09

May 24 2010

Menendez v. Wells A-86-09

June 1 2010

IMO: Phil H. Leone D-82-09
IMO: Emil T. Restiano D-59-09

June 14 2010

IMO Henry A. Walsh, Jr. D-88-09
IMO Gary R. Thompson D-89-09
IMO Wilson J. Campbell D-71-09

July 8 2010

In the Matter of Wilfrid Le Blanc, Jr. D-81-09

September 13 2010

State v. Michael Derry A-66-09
State v. Damu Alston A-72-09
Alexander v Seton Hall University A-87-09
In the Matter of James K. Record D-104-09/R-10-09
In the Matter of Donald S. Rosanelli D-99-09

September 14 2010

State v. Andrea Hernandez A-64-09
State v. Derrick Wayne Rose A-65-09
In The Matter Of The Expungment Petition Of D.H. A-82-09
G.D. v. Kenny A-85-09
In the Matter of Peter R. Cellino D-102-09
In the matter of Deirdre A. Przygoda M-1479-09
In the matter of Peter R. Cellino M-1584-09

September 27 2010

State v. Aurelio Ray Cagno A-60-09
State v. Eduardo McLaughlin A-68-09
County of Hudson v. State of New Jersey Department of Corrections A-74-09

September 28 2010

Town of Kearny v. Discount City of Old Bridge, Inc. A-76-09
Johnson v. Johnson A-91-09
Henry v. New Jersey Department of Human Services A-69-09

October 12 2010

State v. Daniel Twian Brown A-67-09/A-17-10
In the Matter of Provision of Basic Generation Sevice for the Peroiod Beginning June 1, 2008 A-75-09
He v. Miller A-81-09
In the Matter of Stephen Tsai D-141-09

October 13 2010

Kent Motor Cars, Inc. v. Reynolds and Reynolds Co. A-102/103-09
Division of Youth and Family Services v. P.W.R. A-79-09
State v. W.B. A-80-09

October 26 2010

State v. Michael Gore, Jr. A-77-09
Hopewell Valley Citizens' Group v. Berwind Property Group Development Co. A-83-09
Yousef v. General Dynamics Corp. A-88-09
In the Matter of Ian W. Marrero D-146-09

November 8 2010

Kieffer v. Best Buy A-104-09
State v. Ciancaglini A-92/93-09
State v. McLean A-98-09

November 9 2010

Conway v. Borough of Florham Park A-106-107-09
Morgan v. Leary A-1-10
Blessing v. Johnson and Johnson A-96-09
In the Matter of Rodrigo H. Sanchez D-126-09

November 30 2010

State v. Germaine A. Handy A-108-09
State v. Jason Shelley A-109-09
Joseph A. Donelson v. DuPont Chambers Works A-112-09
State v. Timyan Cabbell A-89-90-09
State v. Dashawn Miller A-94-09
In the matter of Clifford B. Singer M-244-10


January 5 2009

State v. Dionte Byrd A-105-07
State v. Forrest M. Baker A-17-08
Amalgamated Transit Union Local 880 v. New Jersey Transit Bus Operation, Inc. A-20-08
Leang v. Jersey City Board of Education A-21-22-08
Mt. Holly Township Board of Education v. Mt. Holly Township Education Association A-24-08
In the matter of Avis Cole Williams D-19-08
In the matter of Russell T. Kivler D-20-08

January 6 2009

Marino v. Marino A-18-08
State v. Diego Vallejo A-3-08
DYFS v. G.M. A-6-08
State v. Anthony Bogan A-7-08
In the matter of Loel H. Seitel D-16-08
In the matter of Marc F. Desiderio D-18-08
In the matter of Thomas A. Giamanco D-208-07
In the matter of Anthony J. Fusco, Jr. D-209-07

January 20 2009

State v. Martin R. Taccetta A-13-08
State v. Steven Fortin A-27-08
State v. Alonzo B. Hill A-5-08
State v. Larry R. Henderson A-8-08
In the matter of John Scott Angelucci D-21-08
In the matter of Stephen W. Thompson D-22-08

January 21 2009

Circus Liquors, Inc. v. Township of Middletown A-25-53-08
Real v. Radir Wheels, Inc. A-26-08
Nicastro v. McIntyre Machinery America, Ltd. A-29-08
DiMisa v. Acquaviva A-35-08
In the matter of Gerard V. Ross D-1-08

February 3 2009

Penn National Insurance Co. v. Costa A-36-08
Fawzy v. Fawzy A-38-39-08
Shore Orthopaedic Group v. The Equitable Life Assurance Society A-4-08
State v. Jayson Williams A-56-08
In the matter of Andrew M. Kimmel D-12-08

February 17 2009

State v. Terry Coder A-28-08
Klumb v. Board of Education of the Manalapan-Englishtown Regional School District A-48-08
In re Attorney General Directive on Exit Polling: Media and Non-Partisan Public Interest Groups Issu A-47-08

February 18 2009

Sanders v. Langemeier A-49-08
Lee v. First Union National Bank A-58-08
R.L. v. Voytac A-61-08

March 9 2009

State v. Lavar Winder A-34-08
State v. Jose Nunez-Valdez A-46-08

March 10 2009

Hirl v. Bank of America, N.A. A-42-08
Best v. C and M Door Controls, Inc. A-57-08
Brunson v. Affinity Federal Credit Union A-60-08
I.M.O. Walter Ryan Dugon D-27-08
I.M.O. Matthew M. Millichap D-42-08

March 24 2009

State v. Quinn Marshall A-33-08
Berk Cohen Associates at Rustic Village, LLC v. Borough of Clayton A-55-08
G.H. v. Township of Galloway; Township of Cherry Hill v. Barclay A-64-65-08
Khan v. Singh, M.D. A-73-08

April 27 2009

State v. Maribel Rolon A-45-08
Fernandez v. Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Co. A-54-08
State v. Oscar Osorio A-59-08
Association of New Jersey Rifle Clubs v. City of Jersey City A-75-76-08

April 28 2009

State v. James Robinson A-62-08
State of New Jersey in the Interest of P.M.P. A-63-08
State v. Manuel Fajardo-Santos A-82-08

May 5 2009

In the Matter of Stanley J. Hausman D-89-08
In the Matter of Jonathan Friedman D-90-08
In the Matter of Thomas Joel Izso D-93-08
In the Matter of Raymond T. Roche D-96-08

September 14 2009

Roa v. LAFE A-72-08
State v. Thomas E. Best A-77-08
IMO State Grand Jury Investigation A-80-08
In the Matter of Laura A. Scott D-107-08
In The Matter Of Gary J. Lesser D-110-08
In the Matter of Horatius A. Greene, II D-153-08
In the Matter of William P. Ronner D-155-08
In the Matter of James E. Ezeilo D-80/127-08

September 15 2009

State v. Quadir Whitaker A-67-08
Robertet Flavors, Inc. v. Tami-Githens, Inc. A-70/71-08
Patel v. New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission A-86-08
State v. Peter J. O'Brien A-89-08

September 29 2009

State v. Richard J. Chippero A-50-08
State v. Cecilia X. Chen A-69-08
Besler v. Board of Education of West Windsor- Plainsboro Regional School District A-81-08
In the matter of Pieter J. DeJong D-148-08

September 30 2009

State v. J.G. A-44-08
State of New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services v. L.L. A-68-08
State of New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services v. I.S. A-74-08

October 13 2009

Hildegard Kay v. George Kay A-93-08
Pinto v. Spectrum Chemicals A-94-08
Division of Youth and Family Services v. M.C. III A-96/97-08
State v. Danny Mai A-98-08

October 14 2009

Salzano v. North Jersey Media Group, Inc., etal A-78/79-08
Edward Zabilowicz v. Roslyne Kelsey A-87-08
Lucent Technologies, Inc. v. Township of Berkeley Heights A-95-08

October 26 2009

State v. Fareed M. Gandhi A-101-08
State v. Terence McCabe A-88-08
Praxair Technology, Inc. v. Director, Division of Taxation A-91/92-08

October 27 2009

Highland Lakes Country Club v. Nicastro A-10-09
Victor v. State of New Jersey A-2-09
Reyes v. Egner A-90-08

November 9 2009

Flomerfelt v. Cardiello A-4-09
In Re Election Law Enforcement commission Advisory Opinion No. 01-2009 A-83-08
State v. Cory J. Bieniek A-99-08

November 10 2009

Nini v. Mercer County Community College A-13/14-09
Asbury Park Press v. County of Monmouth A-8-09
I.M.O. Walter Ryan Dugon D-152-08

December 1 2009

Iron Mountain Information Management, Inc. v. City of Newark A-100-08
State v. Pablo Carvajal A-5-09
State v. Tysen R. Privott A-7-09
In the matter of Irwin B. Seligsohn D-175-08
In the matter of Dominick Sanchez D-58-08

December 2 2009

Stengart v. Loving Care Agency, Inc. A-16-09
City of Long Branch v. Liu A-9-09


January 7 2008

Morella v. Grand Union A-10-07
United States Department of Agriculture v. Scurry A-14-07
Villa v. Short A-7-07
In the matter of Gerald M. Lynch D-165-06
In the matter of Ricardo A. Canton D-174-06
State v. Jane Chun A-96-06 Part 2

January 8 2008

In re: Opinion 710 of the Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics A-130-06
Jablonowska v. Suther A-9-07

January 22 2008

Division of Youth and Family Services v. E.P. A-112-113-06
Hunterdon Medical Center v. Township of Readington A-17-07
Tarr v. Bob Ciasullis Mack Auto Mall, Inc. A-19-07
Devaney v. LEsperance A-20-07

January 23 2008

State v. Carlos Feal A-16-07
The Connecticut Indemnity Company v. Dowdy A-18-07
Abbott v. Burke M_283_07

February 4 2008

Pizzullo v. New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company A-21-07
In Re: Riverview Professional Services, Inc. A-24-81-07
IMO Alleged Improper Practice of Port Authority A-6-07

February 5 2008

State v. William Sweet A-1-07
State in the Interest of J.A. A-2-07
State v. James D. Dorman A-38-07
State v. Richard Berezansky A-3-07
State v. Ryan Buda A-4-5-07
In the matter of Harry E. Franks, Jr. D-133-06-D-47-07
In the matter of Maxwell X. Colby D-152-06

February 19 2008

State v. Luis Garcia A-120-06
State v. Michael Lisa A-12-07
State v. Diara Barden A-23-07
P.V. v. Camp Jaycee A-31-07
State v. Michael Taffaro A-8-07
In the matter of Heywood E. Becker D-49-07
In the matter of Michael A. Szegda D-61-07

February 20 2008

Mason v. City of Hoboken A-22-07
Sciarrotta v. Global Spectrum A-28-07
Cruz v. Central Jersey Landscaping, Inc. A-34-07
Senna v. Florimont A-35-07

March 10 2008

New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals v. New Jersey Department of Agriculture A-27-07
State v. Kenneth Nero A-32-07
State v. Franklin Jack Burr II A-36-07
Greely v. Greely A-54-07
LaFranco v. Avaya, Inc. A-78-07
In the matter of Ramon Sarmiento D-7-07
In the matter of Antoinette R. Holland D-8-07

March 11 2008

State v. Juan Pena-Flores A-129-06
State v. Scot Schnabel A-13-07
State v. Charles Fuller A-15-07
State v. Angela Baum and Jermel Moore A-44-07
In the matter of Patrick J. Moore D-24-07
In The Matter Of Kathleen D. Wargo D-25-07
In The Matter Of Alan Zark D-94-07

March 25 2008

State v. Janet Gelman A-42-07
Owens v. Feigin A-43-07
State v. Darren Bradshaw A-46-07
Bedford v. Riello A-48-07
Van Duren v. Rzasa-Ormes A-52-07

March 26 2008

State v. Wilberto Rodriguez A-25-26-07
IMO the Application of Robert L. Taylor A-30-07
McMahon v. City of Newark A-39-07
Rosen v. Smith Barney A-49-07

April 7 2008

Richard A. Pulaski Construction Co., Inc. v. Air Frame Hangars, Inc. A-40-07
Chubb Custom Insurance Company v. Prudential Insurance Company of America A-47-07
Cutler v. Dorn A-51-07
Toto v. Ensuar A-53-07
Godfrey v. Princeton Theological Seminary A-64-07

April 8 2008

Hess Corp. v. Planning Board of the County of Burlington A-41-07
Brundage v. Estate of Carl Carambio A-56-07
State in the Interest of S.A.J., Jr. A-60-07
Jamgochian v. State Parole Board A-63-07
In the matter of Raymond Goodwin D-112-07
In the matter of Kenneth S. Ward D-13-07

May 5 2008

Board of Education of the City of Sea Isle v. Kennedy A-37-07
Simmermon v. New Wave Plastering, Inc. A-55-07
Romagnola v. Gillespie A-57-07
State v. Shariff Ingram A-57-59-07
Sroczynski v. Milek A-68-77-07

May 6 2008

State v. Nazario Ventura A-45-07
DeNike v. Cupo A-61-07
State v. Charles S. Thomas A-62-07
State v. Leidy Granados A-74-07
In the matter of John Scott Angelucci D-80-07
In the matter of Leonard N. Ross D-81-07
In the matter of Anthony J. Fusco, Jr. D-82-07

June 11 2008

In the matter of Cary B. Hall D-36-07
In the matter of Ronald A. Graziano D-69-07
In the matter of Charles N. Riley D-70-07
In the matter of Cynthia Ann Brassington D-71-07
In the matter of David T. Jacoby D-72-07

June 24 2008

In the matter of Michael A. Kaplan D-68-07
In the matter of Jeffrey M. Adams D-86-07

September 8 2008

In The Matter of Michael B. Sosnowski D-119-07
In The Matter of the Civil Commitment of J.M.B. A-79-07
Borough of Glassboro v. Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 108 A-75-07
In The Matter of Vincenza Leonelli Spina D-162-07

September 9 2008

Polzo v. County of Essex A-69-07
Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County v. Board of Review A_70_71_07
New Jersey Shore Builders Association v. Township of Jackson A-83-07
Livsey v. Mercury Insurance Group A_96_07
In the matter of Sheldon H. Kronegold D-146-07
In the matter of Jonathan Saint-Preux D-153-07
In the matter of James R. Lisa D-155-07

September 22 2008

State v. Juan Pena-Flores A_129_06_A_15_07
Riya Finnegan, LLC v. Township Council of South Brunswick A-65-07
In the matter of Richard W. Banas D-180-07
In the matter of Jane Kissling D-182-07
Abbott v. Burke M_969_1372_07
State v. Vincent Salzillo A-84-07

September 23 2008

Jen Electric, Inc. v. County of Essex A_23_08
State v. Wayne DeAngelo A_73_07
OFP, LLC v. State of New Jersey A_76_07
M.S. v. Millburn Police Department A_80_07
Lobiondo v. Schwartz A_86_87_07

October 6 2008

Mazzacano v. Happy Hour Social Club A-102-07
Ogborne v. Mercer Cemetery Corp. A-66-67-07
Bosland v. Warnock Dodge, Inc. A-97-07
In the matter of Steven J. Lanza D_212-07

October 7 2008

State v. Saleem Allen A-117-07
State v. Tony Slater A-72-07
State v. Paul Amelio A-92-07
State v. Jama Smith A-93-07
Jastram v. Kruse A-98-07
In the matter of Julio A. Richards D-197-07

October 20 2008

Baboghlian v. Swift Electrical Supply Co A-106-07
Czar, Inc. v. Heath A-114-07
State v. John L. Nyhamer A-85-07
State v. Marcus Cassady A-94-07
State v. Ernest Spell A-99-07

October 21 2008

Education Law Center v. New Jersey Department of Education A-100-07
McKnight v. Office of the Public Defender A-109-07
Township of West Orange v. 769 Associates A-113-07

November 3 2008

State v. Rahmann Reds A-103-07
State v. Angelo A. Grenci, Jr. A-104-07
State v. A.O. A-107-07
State v. Paul Kuchera, Sr. A-115-07
D-192-07 In the matter of Thomas D. Allen, Jr. D-192-07

November 5 2008

Hardy v. Abdul-Matin A-112-07
DEG, LLC v. Township of Fairfield A-116-07
IMO the Appeal by Earle Asphalt Co. A-37-08
Pellicer v. St. Barnabas Hospital A-88-89-90-91-07

November 7 2008

Bardis v. First Trenton Insurance Co. A-110-07
Hemsey v. Board of Trustees, Police and Firemen Retirement System A-15-08
Piermont Iron Works, Inc. v. Evanston Insurance Co. A-19-08
In re Petition of Adamar of New Jersey Inc A-41-08
Burnett v. County of Bergen A-43-08

December 2 2008

Petition for Review of the Letter Decision of the Committee on Attorney Advertising, Docket No. 47-2 A-10-11-08
Petition for Review of the Letter Decision of the Committee on Attorney Advertising, Docket No. 47-2 A-14-08
Bauer v. Nesbitt A-16-08
Agha v. Feiner A-1-08
McKesson Corp. v. Hackensack Medical Imaging A-2-08
In the matter of Dorca I. Delgado-Shafer D-7-08

December 3 2008

State v. Terrence Echols A-12-08
Pagano Company v. 48 South Franklin Turnpike LLC A-9-08


January 3 2007

Rowe v. Hoffman-La Roche Inc. A-19-06
Soto v. Scaringelli A-17-06
Panetta v. Equity One, Inc and Covey v. Equity One, Inc. A-2-3-06

January 4 2007

Stomel v. City of Camden A-45-46-06
D'nnunzio v. Prudential Insurance Co A-119-05
Steinhauer v. Cooper A-18-06
Committee for A Better Twin Rivers v. Twin Rivers Homeowners' Asociation A-118-122-05
In The Matter of Edward F. Mitchell D-17-06

January 16 2007

State v. Joseph Clark A-9-06
State v. Edward J. Roman, Sr. A-20-06
State v. Raheem Means A-21-06
State v. D.A. A-23-06
In the matter of Michael James Buonopane D-7-06
In the matter of Patrick N. Perone D-27-06

January 17 2007

In the Matter of John Carter A-16-06
State v. Calvin Lee A-34-06
R.M. v. Supreme Court of New Jersey A-35-06

January 29 2007

Ruiz v. Rossi A-28-29-06
Shim v. Rutgers, the State University A-32-06
Thompson v. City of Atlantic City A-44-06
Fairway Dodge, LLC v. Decker Dodge, Inc. A-47-06
Wilson v. General Motors Corp. A-58-06

January 30 2007

St. Joseph Korean Catholic Church v. Zoning Bd. Of Rockleigh A-30-06
State v. Robert Figueroa A-38-06
Toll Brothers, Inc. v. Township of West Windsor A-48-06
Township of Holmdel v. N.J. Highway Authority A-64-06

February 13 2007

State v. Michelle Elders A-42-06
Maglies v. Estate of Bertha Guy A-50-06
Raspa v. Office of the Sheriff of the County of Gloucester A-53-06 Part I
Raspa v. Office of the Sheriff of the County of Gloucester A-53-06 Part II
Pacifico v. Pacifico A-61-06
Roberts v. Division of State Police A-62-06

February 20 2007

Acuna v. Turkish A-15-06
Jerkins v. Anderson A-49-06
Potenzone v. Annin Flag Co. A-54-06

March 5 2007

Johnson v. Scaccetti A-41-06
Daidone v. Buterick Bulkheading, Inc. A-60-06
Liquori v. Elmann, M.D. A-52-06
Johnson v. Scaccetti A-36-06

March 6 2007

State v. Marcellus Williams A-26-06
State v. Alturik Francis A-31-63-06
Levin Properties, L.P. v. Hamilton Township Planning Board A-55-56-06
University Cottage Club v. NJDEP A-65-06
State v. Marcellus Williams D-55-06

March 19 2007

International Union of Operating Engineers #68 Welfare Fund v. Merck Co Inc A-22-06
State v. Ronald Burns A-27-06
State v. Abdul Webster A-37-06
In the matter of Samuel Gen D-44-06
In the matter of Steven C. Cunningham D-50-06
In the matter of Russell G. Cheek D-72-06
In the matter of Glenn R. Gronlund D-92-05

March 20 2007

State v. Jason G. Meyer A_121_05A_43_06
Cooper University Hospital v. Jacobs A-88-89-06
IMO William F. Sweeney D-22-06
In the matter of Alvin M. Gross D-41-06
In the matter of Jefrey H. Goldsmith D-48-06
State v. Sean Kenney (formerly Richard Feaster) A-63-032

April 5 2007

Iliadis v. Wal-Mart Stores A-69-06
IMO Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics Opinion No 705 A-74-06
IMO Tammy Herrmann A-77-06
Triffin v. TD Banknorth A-84-06
State v. Jane Chun A-96-06

May 1 2007

MacKinnon v. MacKinnon A-114-06
State v. Howard Parks A-39-06
Thurber v. City of Burlington A-66-67-06
Basil v. Wolf A-80-05-110-06
In re Referendum Petition to Repeal Ordinance A-94-06
In the matter of Anthony S. Filomeno D-168-05

May 2 2007

Division of Youth and Family Services V. B.R. A-76-06
Division of Youth and Family Services v. N.M.S. A-82-06
Division of Youth and Family Services v. G.L. A-83-06
In re Contest of the Election for the Office of Mayor of Parisppany-Troy Hills A-90-06
In the matter of Terrence P. Tormey D_29_06
In the matter of Chaim H. Berlgas D_52_06

September 10 2007

State v. Daniel Luna A-68-06
State v. Michael ONeill A-79-06
State v. Stacey Froland A-8-06
In the matter of Nathaniel Martin Davis D-116-06
In the matter of Theodore Kozlowski D-24-117-06
In the matter of Kristen K. Toland D-97-06

September 11 2007

State v. George Jenewicz A-78-06
State v. Thomas Lykes A-80-06
Township of Middletown v. Simon A-85-06

September 24 2007

Cicchetti v. Morris County Sheriff Office A-102-06
State v. Sulaiman A. Sloane A-40-06
IMO the Liquidation of Integrity Insurance Co. A-91-06_A-29-07
Middletown Township PBA v. Township of Middletown A-98-06

September 25 2007

IMO the Trust Agreement of John Seward Johnson A-70-71-72-73-06
State v. Andre Johnson A-81-06
State v. David Wilder A-87-06
Sahli v. Woodbine Board of Education A-92-06
In the matter of Andre L. McGuire D-16-06

October 9 2007

Oberhand v. Director, Division of Taxation A-106-06
In the matter of the Estate of Madeleine Stockdale A-121-06
Sensient Colors, Inc. v. Allstate Insurance A-99-100-101-06

October 10 2007

Tartaglia v. UBS PaineWebber, Inc. A-107-108-06
State v. Morgan Scott A-115-06
State v. Nathaniel Harvey A-33-06
State v. Frederick T. Hamilton A-57-06
In the matter of Basil D. Beck D-161-06

October 22 2007

Wein v. Morris A-104-06
State v. Shirley Reid A-105-06
State v. Mylee Cottle A-111-06
Sinclair v. Merck Co. A-117-06

October 23 2007

State v. Ibn Ali Adams A-116-06 State v. James Comer A_103_06_A_116_06
Sinclair v. Merck Co. A-123-06
State v. Ambrose Harris A-95-06
Sinclair v. Merck Co. D_137_06

November 13 2007

State v. Manuel Ortiz A-109-06
State v. Charles Watkins A-118-06
State v. William J. Allegro A-119-06
State v. Tykim Kemp A-124-06
Hisenaj v. Kuehner A-86-06
Sinclair v. Merck Co. D_168_06

November 27 2007

Reilly v. AAA Mid-Atlantic Insurance Company A-122-06
Utley v. Board of Review A-126-06
In re: Application of Virtua-West Jersey Hospital A-127-06
In the matter of Stephen M. Brett D-153-06
In the matter of Scott L. Williams D-156-06
In the matter of Russell T. Kivler D-162-06

November 28 2007

Rutgers Casualty Insurance v. LaCroix A-125-06
Shotmeyer v. New Jersey Realty Title Insurance Company A-128-06


January 3 2006

State v. Justin Cannarella A-6-05
IMO Commitment of M.M. A-7-05
Johnson v. Braddy A-5-05

January 4 2006

Williams v. State of New Jersey A-129/130-04
Steinberg v. Liberty Science Center, Inc. A-4-05
IMO the Estate of Theodore M. Payne A-12-05

January 17 2006

State v. John Denofa A-11-05
Prado v. State of New Jersey A-33-05
Infinity Broadcasting Corp. v. N.J. Meadowlands Commission A-30-05

January 18 2006

Curiazza v. Board of Trustees of the PERS A-15-05
Ryan v. American Honda Motor Co. A-16-05
Olivo v. Exxon Mobil Corp. A-23-05
The Tax Authority, Inc. v. Jackson Hewitt A-24-05
Randolph Town Center v. County of Morris A-3-05

January 30 2006

Conway v. 287 Corporate Center A-29-05
Thomsen v. Mercer A-35-05
Gaynell Gac v. Paul Gac A-9-05
Hojnowski v. Vans Skate Park A-17/45-05

January 31 2006

In re Adoption of N.J.A.C. 7:26E-1.13 A-20/21-05
State v. Carmelo Herrera A-2-05
State v. Anthony DiFrisco A-77-05
State v. Anthony Mahoney A-10-05

February 14 2006

McLean v. North Regional Fire & Rescue Service A-38-05
Muhammad v. County Bank of Rehoboth Beach A-39-05
Delta Funding Corp. v. Harris A-44-05
Olivieri v. Y.M.F. Carpet, Inc. A-64-05
In the matter of Nusshy I. Saraya D-51-05

February 15 2006

Gazis v. Miller A-32-05
State v. Saleem Crawley A-52-05
Lewis v. Harris A-68-05
In the matter of Sonia D. Harris D-41-05
In the matter of Thomas J. Forkin D-70-05

March 6 2006

State v. Josephine Castagna A-13/14-05
IMO Suspension of the License of Kenneth Zahl A-54-05
Potente v. County of Hudson A-56-05
Maimone v. Atlantic City A-59-05
In the matter of Howard A. Gross D-68-05
In the matter of Frank J. Cozzarelli D-85-05

March 7 2006

Johnson v. Dobrosky A-41-05
Franklin Mutual Insurance Co. v. GPU, Inc. A-55-05
In the matter of Victor M. Musto D-79-05
In the matter of Lucio A. Petrocelli D-80-05
In the matter of Amin Khalil Hussain-El D-83-05

March 20 2006

Mansoldo v. State of New Jersey A-57-05
In the matter of James J. Gallo D-52-05
State v. Miguel Figueroa A-47-05
Tlumac v. High Bridge Stone A-69-05

March 21 2006

State v. Keith R. Domicz A-42-05
State v. Daniel Delgado A-53-05
State v. Charles S. Thomas A-60/61-05
In the matter of Maury R. Winkler D-62-05
State v. John Martini, Sr. A-36-05

April 3 2006

State v. G.C. A-51-05
IMO Michael Venezia A-63-05
Marshall v. Klebanov A-76-05

April 4 2006

IMO Registrant T.T. A-58-05
State v. Wayne E. Chapland A-62-05
IMO Anthony F. Puglisi, Jr. A-74-05

May 1 2006

State v. Justin Bealor A-31-05
State v. Afrim Marke A-67-05
State v. Lewis B. Morrison A-81-05
Mount Laurel Township v. MiPro Homes, LLC A-85/86-05

May 2 2006

State v. Molina A-25/26/27/28-05
State v. Clayton Webster A-72-05
IMO Nicholas W. McClear D-106-05
IMO Anthony J. Simmons D-61-05
Abbott v. Burke M-1110/1184/1205-05

September 11 2006

Carmona v. Resorts International Hotel, Inc. A-83-05
Board of Education of the Borough of Alpha v. Alpha Education Association A-79-05
Basil v. Wolf, M.D. A-80-05
Dziuba v. Fletcher A-90-05
In the Matter of Eric Yim D-96-05

September 12 2006

Simon v. Cronecker A-105-05
Lanco, Inc. v. Director, Div. of Taxation A-89-05
Davidson v. Slater A-84-05
Grivas v. Smyth A-106-05
In the matter of Rosemarie R. Williams D-165-05

September 25 2006

Hodges v. Feinstein, Raiss, Kelin & Booker, LLC A-113-05
In re: Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics Opinion A-98-05
Charles Beseler Co. v. O'Gorman & Young, Inc. A-75-05
New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Co. v. Delta Plastics A-87-05

September 26 2006

State v. Steven Fortin A-112-05
State v. Brian Samuels A-88-05
A.A. v. Attorney General of N.J. A-104-05
State v. John OHagen A-70-05

October 10 2006

Patterson v. Board of Trustees, State Police Retirement System A-99-05
Richardson v. Board of Trustees, Police and Firemen's Retirement System A-100-05
Moore v. Board of Trustees, State Police Retirement System A-101-05
Guadagno v. Board of Trustees, Police and Firemen's Retirement A-123-05
Liberty Surplus Insurance Corporation v. Nowell Amoroso A-91-05
IMO Kenneth Weiner D-77-05
IMO Peter Jacoby D-150-05
IMO Russell T. Kivler D-180-05

October 11 2006

State v. Dispoto A-103-05
New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services v. M.M. A-115-116-05
Wiese v. Dedhia A-92-05

October 17 2006

In the Matter of Systemic Proportionality Review Project Report for the 2004-2005 Term A-25-06

October 30 2006

State v. Jayson Williams A-12-06
State v. Pascal DuBois A-102-05
Pascack Valley Regional High School v. Pascack Valley Regional Support A-96-05
Northvale Bd. of Education v. Northvale Education Association A-97-05

October 31 2006

State v. Donald Loftin A-78-05
State v. Rahmil O'Neal A-94/95-05
State v. Christopher Romero A-109-05
Tarus v. Borough of Pine Hill A-93-05
IMO William LeBlanc Jr D-177-05

November 13 2006

L.W. v. Toms River Regional Schools Board of Education A-111-05
Totaro, Duffy, Cannova Co. L.L.C. v. Lane, Middleton Co., L.L.C A-14-06
T.H. v. Division of Environmental Disabilities A-114-05
Melissa Phillips v. John Gelpke A-1-06

November 14 2006

State v. Ahmed F. Elkwisni A-24-06
State v. Breane Blakney A-117-05
State v. M.C. A-108-05
State v. Michael Tucker A-6-06
State v. Lawrence Brown A-7-06

November 28 2006

Division Of Alcoholic Beverage Control v. Maynards Inc A-120-05
RAC v PJS Jr A-5-06
In re Lead Paint Litigation A-73-05
JDA v Department of Corrections A-22-05
First Union Natl Bank v Penn Salem Marina Inc et al A-11-06
In the matter of Richard R Thomas II D-175-05
In the matter of Mary Nancy Flanagan D-20-06

November 29 2006

State v Randi Fleischman A-4-06
State v Jeffrey Drury A-110-05
Vergopia v Shaker A-10-06
Brenman v Demello A-13-06


January 3 2005

NPC Litigation Trust v. KPMG LLP A-19-04
Greczyn v. Colgate-Palmolive A-2-04
The Times of Trenton v. Lafayette Yard A-22-04
Jerista v. Murray A-5-04
Gonzalez v. Safe and Sound Security A-9-04

January 4 2005

Hennessey v. Winslow Twp. A-11-04
Skeete v. Dorvius A-14-04
Nav-Its, Inc. v. Selective Insurance A-20/21-04
State v. Marlene McAllister A-87-03
In the matter of Steve Hallett D-15-04
In the matter of Michael A. DeMiro D-198-03
In the matter of Joseph E. Poveromo D-204-03
In the matter of James S. DeBosh D-205-03

January 18 2005

State v. Obed Torres A-24-04
State in the Interest of S.S. A-29/38/39-05
Gerety v. Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort A-33-04
Wawa, Inc. v. Twp. of Westampton A-42-04

January 19 2005

Township of Monroe v. Gasko A-30-04
Ortiz v. Schubert A-31/32-04
Raleigh Ave. Beach Association v. Atlantis Beach Club A-40-04
Thiedemann v. Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC A-41-04
In the matter of E. Nkem Odinkemere D-24-04

January 31 2005

State v. Shamsid Knight A-43-04
Boe v. New Jersey Dept. of Human Services A-47-04
Municipal Council of Newark v. James A-52-04
State v. Sean Kenney (formerly Richard Feaster) A-63-03

February 1 2005

State v. Tyrone Gentry A-27-04
Bubis v. Kassin A-44-04
State v. M.J.K. A-45-04
State v. Herman Jones A-57-04
In the matter of Judge Randolph Subryan D-34-04

February 14 2005

Robinson v. Coia (Part 1) A-28-04
Robinson v. Coia (Part 2) A-28-04
IMO Estate of Elizabeth Hull Vayda A-48-04
IMO the Estate of Tracy Rose Thomas A-49-04
Maisonave v. The Newark Bears A-59/60-04
In the matter of David E. Wolfson D-29-04
In the matter of Steven A. Pasternak D-35-04
Paul Otto Building Company v. New Jersey School Construction Corporation (Motion for Stay) M-763-04

February 15 2005

Cumberland Mutual Fire Ins. Co. v. Murphy A-46-04
IMO Grand Jury Appearance Request by Larry S. Loigman, Esq. A-51-04
IMO Commitment of E.D. A-62-04

February 28 2005

Randazzo v. Randazzo A-15-04
French v. Hernandez A-58-04
New Jerseyans for a Death Penalty Moratorium A-63-04
Ostrowski v. Cape Transit Corp. A-66-04
Mocco v. New Jersey State Parole Board A-67-04

March 14 2005

State v. Allan Franklin A-64-04
State v. Edwin Keyes A-70-04
State v. Abdul Abdullah A-73-04
State v. Michael J. Natale A-82/83-04

March 15 2005

In the Matter of Barbara H. Dupre D-18-04
Jock v. Zoning Board of Adjustment of the Township of Wall A-72-04
State v. Michael Aurthur A-71-04
State v. John Cummings A-65-04
State v. Carl Williams A-61-04
State v. Terrence O'Brien A-36/75-04

March 28 2005

Saint Peters University Hospital v. Lacy A-74-04
Shankman v. State of New Jersey A-76/77-04
LaManna v. Proformance Insurance Co. A-101-03

March 29 2005

State v. David Cooper A-25-04
Yurick v. State of New Jersey A-34/35-04
State v. W.A. A-68-04
In the matter of Jeffrey P. Lichtenstein D-22-04
In the matter of Howard M. Dorian D-40-04
In the matter of Anthony C. Nwaka D-54-04

May 2 2005

Shah v. Shah A-93-04
H.K. v. State of New Jersey A-90-04
R.M. v. Supreme Court of New Jersey A-89-04
Gonzalez v. Ideal Tile Importing Co., Inc. A-53-04
In the matter of Robert J. Handfuss (Disciplinary) D-41-04
In the matter of Richard R. Thomas, II (Disciplinary) D-56-04
Alliance for Disabled in Action v. Renaissance Enterprises ; Alliance for Disabled in Action v. Cont A-79/87/88-04

May 3 2005

Gold v. Davis A-96-03
New Jersey Association of Nurse Anesthetists v. New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners A-92-04
A.B. v. Y.Z. A-91-04
State v. Olga Hrycak A-18-04
In the matter of Vincent A. Lloyd (Disciplinary) D-36-04
In the matter of Theodore Kozlowski D-51-04
In the matter of Patricia L. Johnson D-55-04

September 12 2005

State v. Andrew Dennis A-78-04
State v. James Lewis A-84-04
The Proformance Insurance Co. v. Jones A-102-04
Highland Lakes Country Club v. Franzino A-101-04

September 13 2005

State v. Johnel D. Dunlap A-80/81-04
State v. William Eckel A-95-04
State v. James Badessa A-94-04
State v. Luis Perez A-86-04
In the matter of David E. Silverman D-87-02
In the matter of James F. Carney D-182-02
In the matter of Marla Figman a/k/a Marla Figman Pinsker M-1509-04

September 27 2005

Lyons v. Township of Wayne A-98-04
IMO Freshwater Wetlands Statewide General Permits A-115-04
In Re NJPDES Permit No. NJ0025241 A-116-04
In the matter of Mitchell L. Singer D-153-04
Mount Laurel Township v. Stanley A-103/104-04

September 28 2005

Tonelli v. Board of Education of the Township of Wyckoff A-105-04
N.J. Lawyers Fund for Client Protection v. Pace A-106-04
Del Piano v. Merrill Lynch A-110-04
Aqua Beach Condominium Association v. Department of Community Affairs A-111-04
In the matter of Larry J. McClure D-38-04

October 11 2005

County of Essex v. First Union National Bank A-107-108-04
Puckrein v. ATI Transport A-117-04
Fitzgerald v. Todd Coddington Stables A-119-04
State v. Boris Boretsky A-34-05
State v. Bruce Birkenmeier A-85-04
In the matter of Charles c. Staropoli D-84-04

October 12 2005

Creanga v. Jardal A-100-04
State v. Brian Wakefield A-37-04
Loigman v. Committee of the Twp. of Middletown A-99-04

October 24 2005

Pasqua v. Hon. Gerald J. Council A-131-04
State v. Clarence M. Moore A-38-03
Newton Memorial Hospital v. Lacy, M.D. A-132-04
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company v. Land A-125-04
In the Matter of Herbert F. Lawrence D-148-04
In the Matter of Azama Aliya Bilqiys D-5-05

October 25 2005

In the matter of Tanya E. Lawrence D-162-04
State v. Walter Townsend A-112/113-04
Fitzgerald v. Stanley Roberts, Inc. A-120-04
In the Matter of Joseph J. Haldusiewicz D-150-04
In the Matter of Jean D. Larosiliere D-177-04
In the Matter of Jay R. Kolmar D-3-04
State v. Nesbitt A-114-04

November 7 2005

Abbott v. Burke M-245-05
State v. Frank Gyori, Jr. A-109-04
Perez v. Rent-A-Center, Inc. A-124-04
Caballero v. Martinez A-8-05
Notte v. Merchants Mutual Insurance Co. A-19-05

November 29 2005

State v. Porfirio Jimenez A-50-05
Ramapo River Reserve Homeowners Association v. Borough of Oakland A-135-04
Richard Simon, Trustee v. Rando A-121/122-04
Malinowski v. Jacobs A-46-05
In the matter of Anthony J. B Rriguglio D-33-04; D-9-05
In the matter of Demetrios J. Katsios D-152-04
In the matter of Diane K. Murray D-166-04
In the matter of Warren Randolph Kraft D-8-05

November 30 2005

State v. Maurice Pierce A-18-05
State v. Chris Thomas A-43-05
American Fire and Casualty Co. v. New Jersey Division of Taxation A-134-05
IMO Alleged Non-Compliance by RCN of NY A-138-04
In the matter of Thomas J. Coleman, III D-10-05