3 N.J.L. 991

Supreme Court of Judicature of New Jersey.



STORY'S Administrators.

February Term, 1813.


[page 991]

The action below was brought on the following state of demand:

To carrying away black servants into Pennsylvania,$50 00
To cash paid Radford Job,25 00
To do. paid John P. Conover for their expenses,25 00
$100 00

The justice tried the cause, and rendered judgment against the defendant below, $50. The insufficiency of the state of demand was assigned for error.

Ewing, for the defendants in error, the plaintiffs below endeavored to support this state of demand, by considering the first charge as for work and labor, in carrying black servants for the defendant below, and the two following charges, as expenses incident to it.

[page 992]


That will not do. It was probably intended as a charge for enticing away the servants of the plaintiff below; but it is vague and uncertain.

Judgment reversed.

Wall, for plaintiff.