3 N.J.L. 576

Supreme Court of Judicature of New Jersey.


September Term, 1809.

[page 576]

Application was made for a mandamus, to two justices of the peace, and two overseers of the poor, to compel them to make a certificate for the manumission of a slave. The application was made on the part of the executor, to enable him to comply with the will of his testator. The facts disclosed by the affidavits read, were, that application had been made to the justices and overseers of the poor, who had met, heard the application, and decided against it, by refusing to make the certificate.


All we can do, is to compel the justices and overseers of the poor, to proceed to the examination of the slave, and to exercise the discretion vested in them by law: it appears that they have done that already.

Mandamus refused.