About the New Jersey Administrative Reports Series 1

The first series of the New Jersey Administrative Reports (NJAR) contains a selection of cases from 1979 through 1991, the first thirteen years of decision-making by the professional corps of Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) in the Office of Administrative Law (OAL).   The act which created the OAL (Laws of 1978, chapter 67) amended the section of the Administrative Procedure Act concerning contested cases (N.J. Statutes §52:14B-10), to provide that cases from most agencies be referred to an ALJ for a hearing and a "recommended report and decision."   The head of the agency involved in the case has 45 days after receiving the ALJ's recommended report, to adopt, reject, or modify it.   If the agency head does not act within that time, the ALJ's recommendation automatically becomes the agency's final decision.   For almost all the cases in the first series of NJAR, the report includes both the ALJ's recommendation, labeled as "Initial Decision," and, at the end of the report, the final decision of the agency.

In cases concerning special education, the ALJ's decision is final, pursuant to federal law.   This finality is indicated in the order which concludes the report of each special education case.

The cases in NJAR are cited analogously to court decisions, by volume number and initial page number, with the agency and year of decision given parenthetically, for example: In re Senior Convalescent & Rehab. Serv., 9 N.J.A.R. 33 (Health Care Admin. Board, 1985) Since the initial decision and the final agency decision appear together as part of the same report, it is not necessary to distinguish them in the citation, unless the citation refers to a specific point within the initial decision that was modified or rejected in the final decision: T.L.S.,Inc. v. Bayonne, 9 N.J.A.R. 403, 414-415 (I.D.), rejected, 9 N.J.A.R. 416 (Div. Alcoh. Bev. Control, 1985)

Note that the simple volume-and-page-number citation form for the first series of NJAR is not applicable to the second series, which is a looseleaf publication of decisions from 1991 through 1997, in which each agency's cases are in a separately paged tab section.   A citation to the second series uses a two-digit year instead of a volume number, and must include a three-letter docket symbol specifying the tab section: Hunter v. Bureau of Homeowner Prot., 94 N.J.A.R.2d (CAF) 46 (Dep't Commun. Aff. 1994)

Decisions from October 1997 forward are found at the Rutgers-Camden Law Library's New Jersey Administrative Law Decisions website.