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AMG Realty Company v. Township of Warren

  1. Complaint in Lieu of Prerogative Writ Date 1980-12-29
  2. Answer and Separate Defenses Date 1981-02-27
  3. Complaint in Lieu of Prerogative Writ Date 1981-07-28
  4. Pretrial Order and Memoranda Date 1983-10-25
  5. Trial Brief of Plaintiff Timber Properties Date 1983-12-16
  6. Judge's Letter to Court Appointed Expert Date 1984-01-13
  7. Trial Brief on Behalf of Intervenors, Joan H. Facey, et al. Date c. 1984
  8. Trial Brief of Plaintiffs AMG Realty Company and Skytop Land Corp. Date c. 1984
  9. Trial Brief on Behalf of Defendant, Township of Warren Date c. 1984

Delay in Third Round Rule Adoption

  1. Motion, Notice of, and Cover Letter by New Jersey Builders Association Date 2002-07-15
  2. Certification, Patrick J. O'Keefe Date 2002-07-15
  3. Certification, Henry T. Chou, Esq. Date 2002-07-15
  4. Brief, Letter, New Jersey Builders Association Date 2002-07-15
  5. Certification, Maureen Fullaway Date 2002-07-29
  6. Brief, Letter--CAHE, in Support of the CAHE's Motion Date 2002-08-19
  7. Brief, Reply New Jersey Builders Association Date 2002-08-21
  8. Brief, Letter by NJ League of Municipalities Date 2002-08-26
  9. Brief, Letter Allamuchy Twp Date 2002-08-27
  10. Brief, Letter by Harding Twp. Date 2002-08-27
  11. Brief, Letter on Behalf of Borough of Kinnelon Date 2002-08-27
  12. Brief, Letter Filed by Manalapan Twp. Date 2002-08-27
  13. Brief, Letter by the CAHE Date 2002-10-04
  14. Opinion, In re New Jersey Builders Association's Motion to Intervene Date [September 2002]
  15. Certification, David N. Kinsey Date [July 2003]
  16. Brief of Appellant CAHE Date 2003-06-03
  17. Brief and Appendix on Behalf of Respondent CAHE Date 2003-06-23
  18. Brief on Behalf of Respondent Manalapan Twp. Date 2003-06-26
  19. Letter, Brief, and Appendix Respondent Twp. of Wayne Pursuant to R. 2:6-2(b) Date 2003-07-03
  20. Brief of Respondent New Jersey State League of Municipalities Date 2003-07-17
  21. Brief, Letter on Behalf of Respondent Village of Ridgefield Park Date 2003-07-21
  22. Reply Brief in Support of Notice of Appeal, CAHE Date 2003-08-01
  23. Brief, Letter, Respondent Borough of Bloomingdale Date 2003-09-10

Urban League of Greater New Brunswick v. Carteret, et al.

  1. Fair Share Allocation Report Date 1983-11-01
  2. Fair Share Expert Report Date 1984-04-02