Miscellaneous Legal Documents

The Miscellaneous Legal Documents collection, while containing mostly New Jersey-related items, also includes a few items of other jurisdictions, that we have happened to acquire and decided to make generally available.


  • Application of the Emoluments Clause to a Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army, Memorandum for James H. Thessin, Assistant Legal Adviser for Management, U.S. Dept. of State, August 29, 1988 (by John O. McGinnis, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Counsel, U.S. Dept. of Justice).View Document in PDF

  • Aromi v. Playboy Club : proceedings of the hearings of the complaint filed by the New York State Division of Human Rights on behalf of Lisa Aromi, [et al] ... against The Playboy Club, Inc., hearings held between July 12, 1976 and May 10, 1978 and subsequent dates before Hon. Norman Mednick Case no.(s) X-E-ADMS 42884-76D. Includes, at pages 5-7, quotation in full of the Opinion of The New York State Human Rights Appeal Board in St. Cross v. Playboy Club and Weber v. Playboy Club, December 1971. View Document in PDF

  • Coin-Operated Dry Cleaning Establishment Code of New Jersey (1962). View Document in PDF

  • Committee for a Better Twin Rivers v. Twin Rivers Homeowners' Association, No. C-121-00 (N.J. Superior Court, Chancery Division, Feb.17,2004) (Order and Statement of Reasons by Judge Neil H. Shuster) View Document in PDF

  • Dissolution of Municipal or County Libraries, Attorney General's Informal Opinion No. M75-1888 (May 29,1975). View Document in PDF

  • Getting Back on the Road: A Manual for Addressing Driver's License Suspension in New Jersey / by Nancy L. Fishman, Laurel H. Dumont, & John W. Bartlett. 2nd ed. New Jersey Institute for Social Institute. View Document in PDF (reproduced here with permission of the publisher; originally posted at http://www.njisj.org/document/GettingBackontheRoad2008.pdf)

  • Guidelines for ExtraJudicial Activities:
    • Annotated Guidelines for Extrajudicial Activities, November 2007, annotated through Opinion No.33-05. View Document in PDF

    • Annotated Guidelines for Extrajudicial Activities, and Report of Supreme Court Committee on Extrajudicial Activities May 2004. View Document in PDF | View Document in HTML

    • Guidelines for Extrajudicial Activities, and Report of Supreme Court Committee on Extrajudicial Activities (abridged) October 1987, amended January 1995. View Document in PDF

  • Heartland Fidelity Insurance Company / Benecard Services,Inc. (letter from Assistant Attorney General Ronald Susswein to Hersh Kozlov, Oct.27,2005) View Document in HTML

  • Hennefeld v. Township of Montclair, No. 007682-2004 (N.J. Tax Court, March 15, 2005). View Document in PDF

  • Informality and Fairness: An Experiment with Academic Due Process at Rutgers, by Alfred W. Blumrosen (draft of July 19, 1976). View Document in PDF

  • Lance v.Codey, No. MER-L-2087-05 (N.J.Super. Law Div. Aug.11,2005). View Document in PDF

  • Legal History of New Jersey: A Selective Bibliography of Secondary Sources (Chapter 21 of the New Jersey Legal Research Handbook, by Paul Axel-Lute, 6th edition, 2012 - reproduced here with permission of the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education). View Document in PDF

  • Letter from George F. Hopkins to John C. Hamilton, Feb. 8, 1847 (transcription). View Document in HTML

  • Lewis v. Harris, No. MER-L-15-03 (N.J. Superior Court, Law Division, Nov.5, 2003) (Judge Feinberg's opinion dismissing suit to allow same-sex marriage.) View Document in PDF

  • Maintenance of Swine Code of New Jersey [1957]. View Document in PDF

  • New Jersey. Governor's Select Commission on Civil Disorder. Table of Contents of Hearing Transcripts. View Document in PDF

  • Proposed Bill to Increase the Salary of the Attorney General, [memorandum] to Hugh M. Durham, Chief, Legislative and Legal Section, Office of Legislative Affairs, from Antonin Scalia, Assistant Attorney General, Office of Legal Counsel, [U.S. Dept. of Justice] Nov. 22, 1974. View Document in PDF

  • Public Health Nuisance Code (1953). View Document in PDF

  • U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Guidelines on Employment Testing Procedures (August 24, 1966) [SuDocs no.Y3.Eq2:8Em7] View Document in PDF Note: These 1966 guidelines were superseded and enlarged upon by the Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, 29 CFR § 1607, 35 FR 12333 (Aug. 1, 1970).

  • U.S. Internal Revenue Service, Current Feasibility of a Return-Free Tax System (October 1987) View Document in PDF

  • Weed Control Code of New Jersey (1953), published under title "New Jersey Weed Control Code 1963." View Document in PDF