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5 N.J.A.R. 29

New Jersey Education Association & Educational Services Teachers Association v. Essex County Educational Services Commission
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Citation: 5 N.J.A.R. 29
Decision Date: 1981
Synopsis: The petitioner challenged the legality of a 1980-81 contract between the respondent and Education and Training Consultants (ETC), a private vendor, to provide remedial and auxiliary services to non- public schools. The administrative law judge assigned to the case determined that the 1980-81 contract should not be set aside because of an alleged conflict of interest and found that ETC had met its obligation to provide services under the 1980-81 contract. The judge concluded, however, that on the basis of its financial standing and the pattern of its fiscal practices, the respondent should be denied permission to contract with ETC for 1981-82. William S. Greenberg, Esq., attorney for petitioners Edward F. Petit-Clair, Esq., attorney for respondent, Essex County Educational Services Commission Kevin F. Wall, Esq., attorney for respondent, Education and Train- ing Consultants, Inc., V.J.L., Inc. and Vincent J. Lasprogata
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