John Holmes &
Sol Ketcham
Elisha Walton
  }   Afft.
And: Bowne

John Holmes and
Solomon Ketcham
Elisha Walton
  }   On New Trial In Seizure

County of Monmouth ss:Andrew Bowne being sworn deposeth that he was a Witness at the New Trial held at the Court house in Freehold in the above cause and sworn on the part of Major Walton. That in the course of his Testimony he swore that Mrs. Holmes informed him that the Waggon and goods (in controversy) were going to the house of Daniel Ketcham. That Mr. Willcocks who was of Counsel for the Defendants objected to this evidence as not being legal amounting to no more than hearsay, That he was overruled in the objection and the evidence was suffered to pass to the Jury. That the said William Willcocks did thereupon pray a Bill of Exceptions &c And further this Deponent saith not.
Sworn before me Commissioner of Bails & Affidavits for the County of Monmouth this 30. May 1782.
John Craig
  }   Andrew Bowne