About the New Jersey Digital Legal Library

Our Mission

To enhance scholarly, practitioner, and public access to the materials of New Jersey law and legal history through the processes of digitization, metadata creation, and placement on a freely accessible public website hosted by Rutgers School of Law Library-Newark.

Collection Policy

The following criteria will be considered in determining priorities for inclusion of material in the NJDLL:

  1. Public domain status or ability to obtain permission from copyright holder.
  2. Non-availability on other free public websites. In general we will avoid duplication of coverage of material already freely and reliably available in organized collections elsewhere on the web. However, we will add copies of selected law-related electronic government documents, in order to provide more convenient access to them, as well as to assure permanency of access.
  3. Value to legal practitioners.
  4. Historical interest.
  5. Lack of coverage in existing online services.
  6. Scarcity of print version.
  7. Condition of print version (need for preservation action).

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Technologies Used in the New Jersey Digital Legal Library