Executive Orders 1-61 of Governor Richard J. Hughes (1962-1969)

No. Cite Subject Date Status
1 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1962 p.1339 Summer hours for 1962 6/1/62
2 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1962 p.1340 Creates Central Motor Pool in Department of the Treasury. 7/26/62
3 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1962 p.1342 Designates November 23, 1962, day following Thanksgiving a holiday. 10/31/62
4 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1962 p.1343 Designates December 24, 1962, day before Christmas a holiday. 11/27/62
5 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1962 p.1344 Midday meal for all employees in penal and correctional institutions to be at State's expense. 12/10/62
6 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1963 p.1147 Summer hours for 1963. 5/16/63
7 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1963 p.1147 Records subject to Chapter 73, L. 1963 (Open to public). 6/21/63 Revoked in part by No. 8.Rescinded by No. 9.
8 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1963 p.1150 Records subject to Chapter 73, L. 1963 (Open to public). 8/1/63 Rescinded by No. 9.
9 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1963 p.1153 Records subject to Chapter 73, L. 1963 (Open to public). 9/30/63 Rescinded in part by Byrne No. 11 [DJVU] [PDF]Modified by Byrne No. 110 (1981). Modified by Kean No. 123 (1985). Modified by Whitman No. 69 (1997). Continued by McGreevey No. 21 (2002).
10 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1963 p.1158 Designates November 29, 1963, day after Thanksgiving a holiday. 11/6/63
11 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1963 p.1159 Designates November 25, 1963 a day of mourning for President Kennedy. 11/23/63 Expanded by No. 12.
12 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1963 p.1160 Declares day of prayer and mourning in memory of John F. Kennedy. 11/24/63
13 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1963 p.1161 Central Duplicating and Printing Control established in Treasury Department. 1/23/64 See Florio No. 36 (1991).
14 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1964 p.1249 Summer hours for 1964. 5/26/64
15 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1964 p.1250 Designates July 3, 1964, day before Independence Day a holiday. 5/11/64
16 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1964 p.1250 Designates Friday, July 3, 1964 as a Bank Holiday. 6/3/64
17 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1964 p.1251 Creates New Jersey Office of Economic Opportunity; Cabinet Coordinating Committee on Anti-Poverty; Citizens Council for Economic Opportunity. 10/8/64
18 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1964 p.1254 Designates November 27, 1964, day following Thanksgiving a holiday. 11/12/64
19 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1965 p.1123 Summer hours for State offices. 6/4/65
20 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1965 p.1124 Creates State Employees Safety Program. 6/21/65 Superseded by L.1983 c.516 (NJSA 34:6A-25 et seq.)
21 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1965 p.1125 Governor's Code of Fair Practices adopted re non-discrimination in State employment. 6/30/65 See Byrne Nos. 14 (1974), 61 [DJVU] [PDF]Kean No. 58 (1983). See NJAC 5:1-2.1
22 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1965 p.1135 Orders all departments to report on uses and plans, automatic data processing and equipment. 8/30/65
23 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1965 p.1137 Designates November 26, 1965, day following Thanksgiving a holiday. 11/3/65
24 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1965 p.1138 Designates December 24, 1965, day preceding Christmas; and December 31, 1965, day preceding New Year's Day as holidays. 12/1/65
25 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1965 p.1138 New Jersey joins national Compact on Education. 12/6/65
26 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1966 p.1609 Commission to Study the Arts in New Jersey authorized to receive and administer federal funds. 4/27/66 Superseded by L.1966, c.214, §4 (NJSA 52:16A-28)
27 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1966 p.1611 Summer hours for 1966 for State offices. 6/7/66
28 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1966 p.1612 New State travel regulations issued. 6/16/66 See Byrne No.78
29 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1966 p.1613 Designates November 25, 1966, day following Thanksgiving as a holiday. 11/9/66
30 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1966 p.1613 Creates Automatic Data Processing Advisory Committee and gives State policy on electronic data processing. 11/9/66
31 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1966 p.1616 Advertisements forbidden in State pay envelopes or official communications. 12/21/66
32 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1966 p.1617 Creates Accident Review Board in the Department of the Treasury to review accidents of Central Motor Pool vehicles. 12/23/66 Set forth in NJAC 17:15-2.16(a); cited, NJAC 17:15-2.17(h)
33 [DJVU] [PDF] (Never issued.)
34 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1967 p.1225 Designates February 8, 1967 as a snow holiday. 2/7/67
35 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1967 p.1226 Summer hours for 1967 for State offices. 6/7/67
36 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1967 p.1226 Designates November 24, 1967, day following Thanksgiving as a holiday. 11/9/67
37 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1967 p.1227 Creates the New Jersey Council Against Crime. 1/4/68 See No. 45.
38 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1967 p.1230 Creates Atomic Energy Council. 1/5/68 Superseded and rescinded by Cahill No. 31(1971).
39 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1968 p.1705 Creates Highway Safety Program, Interdepartmental Committee. 3/15/68
40 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1968 p.1706 Abolishes the Advisory Council on Construction of Mental Retardation Facilities. 5/2/68 Superseded and rescinded by Cahill No. 20 (1971).
41 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1968 p.1710 Summer hours for 1968 for State offices. 6/11/68
42 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1968 p.1710 Designates July 5, 1968, day after July 4 as a holiday. 6/12/68
43 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1968 p.1711 Declaration of emergency: flood damage in Bergen, Essex, Middlesex, Morris, Passaic, Union and Somerset Counties. 6/12/68
44 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1968 p.1713 The Rural Manpower Program transferred from Community Affairs to the Department of Labor and Industry. 8/1/68
45 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1968 p.1713 Creates the State Law Enforcement Planning Agency to conform with federal Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968. 8/13/68 Amended by Cahill No. 25 (1971). See Byrne No. 41(1976). Superseded by L.1978 c.176 (NJSA 52:17B-142).
46 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1968 p.1716 Established Office of State Fire Marshal. 9/23/68 Modified by Byrne No.84 (1979).
47 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1968 p.1717 Designates November 29, 1968, day after Thanksgiving as a holiday. 10/28/68
48 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1968 p.1718 State Police--Criminal investigative files open only on court order. 12/18/68 Modified by Byrne No. 110 (1981). See Kean Nos. 96 [DJVU] [PDF]111 [DJVU] [PDF]
49 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1969 p.1007 Creates Interdepartmental Cabinet Committee on Seasonal Farm Labor. 1/13/69
50 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1969 p.1009 Cooperative Area Manpower Planning System (CAMPS) transferred from Community Affairs to Department of Labor and Industry. 2/20/69
51 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1969 p.1010 Creates Urban Affairs Council. 3/13/69
52 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1969 p.1013 Creates Vocational Education Advisory Council as required by federal law. 3/12/69 Supplemented by Cahill No. 23 [DJVU] [PDF]by Byrne Nos. 63 [DJVU] [PDF]102 [DJVU] (1981). Superseded by Kean No. 126 [DJVU] [PDF]
53 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1969 p.1016 Designates March 31, 1969 as a day of mourning for President Eisenhower. 3/28/69
54 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1969 p.1017 Creates the Office of Telecommunications Management in the Division of Purchase and Property, Department of the Treasury. 5/21/69
55 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1969 p.1019 Summer hours for 1969 for State offices. 6/11/69
56 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1969 p.1020 Bureau of Basic Education transferred from Community Affairs to Department of Education. 6/30/69
57 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1969 p.1021 Designates July 21, 1969 as a National Day of Participation--first man on moon. 7/17/69 Superseded by L.1971,c.176,§6 (NJSA 13:1F-6)
58 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1969 p.1022 Creates New Jersey Pesticide Council. 8/11/69
59 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1969 p.1025 Designates November 28, 1969, day following Thanksgiving a holiday. 11/7/69
60 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1969 p.1025 Designates December 24, 1969, day preceding Christmas a holiday (half-day); December 26, 1969, day following Christmas a holiday. 12/9/69
61 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1969 p.1026 Creates Temporary Inter-Departmental Study Commission on unification and standardization of various codes and regulations affecting construction and maintenance of buildings. 12/12/69