Executive Orders 1-57 of Governor William T. Cahill (1970-1974)

No. Cite Subject Date Status
1 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1970 p.1227 Sewerage treatment facilities--emergency disposal. 2/7/70 See No. 30.
2 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1970 p.1229 Creates Governor's Management Commission to study economy and efficiency in State government. 3/23/70 See No. 30.
3 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1970 p.1230 Creates Governor's Employee Relations Policy Council.4/2/70 Superseded and rescinded by No. 17 [DJVU] [PDF]Committee continued). Rescinded by Whitman No. 21(1994).
4 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1970 p.1232 Creates Office of Employee Relations in Executive Branch. 4/2/70 Rescinded by Whitman No. 21(1994).
5 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1970 p.1234 Tax Policy Committee created to study taxation and revenue in New Jersey. 4/22/70
6 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1970 p.1238 Designates July 3, 1970, day before Independence Day a holiday. 5/19/70
7 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1970 p.1238 Designates July 3, 1970 a bank holiday. 5/19/70
8 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1970 p.1239 Commission to study July, 1970, report of Clean Air Council (motor vehicle air pollution). 8/31/70 Committee continued by No. 22. [DJVU] [PDF]
9 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1970 p.1240 Rescinds 1966 travel regulations, enacts others. 8/31/70 Rescinded by Byrne No. 6 (1974).
10 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1970 p.1241 Designates November 27, 1970, day following Thanksgiving a holiday. 10/27/70
11 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1970 p.1242 Motor vehicle accident reports--divides responsibilities between Division of Motor Vehicles and Department of Transportation. 12/3/70 Sec.3 superseded by NJSA 39:4-131.
12 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1970 p.1244 Develops and coordinates working plan for emergency utilization of manpower and resources in State departments. 12/3/70 See Florio No. 115 (1994).
13 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2143 Creates Commission on Vocational Education in correctional institutions. 1/19/71
14 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2146 Purchase of surplus military equipment by New Jersey. 1/28/71
15 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2147 Creates the Delaware River and Bay Marine Council. 2/15/71
16 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2150 Creation of the Governor's State Committee on Children and Youth. 3/11/71 See No. 36. See Byrne Nos. 22 [DJVU] [PDF]67 [DJVU] [PDF]
17 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2152 Supersedes and rescinds Executive Order No. 3, but continues committee. 5/27/71 See Whitman No.21.
18 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2154 Creates position of Special Assistant to the Governor on Housing. 6/2/71
19 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2155 Establishes interdepartmental coordinating committee on economic development to advise and assist Governor. 6/14/71
20 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2158 Creation of New Jersey State Developmental Disabilities Council. 6/21/71 Revised by No. 49. See Byme No. 42 [DJVU] [PDF]Supersededby L.1979 c.105 (NJSA 30:1AA-1 et seq.)
21 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2161 U.S.D.A. surplus food acceptance and distribution; transference of functions, duties and powers from Division of Purchase to Department of Agriculture. Repeals No. 17 (Meyner). 6/23/71
22 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2164 Motor Vehicle Air Pollution Study Commission created by Executive Order No. 8--continued as Interdepartmental Review Commission on Air Pollution Problems. 7/28/71
23 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2166 Expands New Jersey State Vocational Education Advisory Council--membership. 8/4/71 Expanded by Byrne Nos. 63 [DJVU] [PDF]102 [DJVU] (1981). Superseded by Kean No. 126 [DJVU] [PDF]
24 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2167 Flood disaster--responsibility of Acting Director of Division of Civil Defense. 8/30/71
25 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2168 Amends Executive Order No. 45 (Hughes), Director of Division of Budget and Accounting ex-officio member of Law Enforcement Planning group. 9/20/71
26 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2169 Designates November 26, 1971, day following Thanksgiving a holiday. 9/30/71
27 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2170 Designates December 24, 1971, day preceding Christmas Bank holiday; December 31, 1971, day preceding New Year's a Bank holiday. 9/30/71
28 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2171 Designates December 24, 1971, day preceding Christmas and December 31, 1971, day preceding New Year's as holidays. 9/30/71
29 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2171 Creates Commission to Study Capital Punishment. 10/21/71
30 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2174 Continuance of Governor's Management Commission. 10/22/71
31 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1971 p.2175 Establishes the New Jersey Nuclear Energy Council. 10/26/71
32 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1972 p.1019 Designates February 11, 1972, day preceding Lincoln's birthday as a holiday. 1/21/72
33 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1972 p.1019 Creates State Advisory Board within Department of Insurance to evaluate applications by institutional health care services for exceptions to Economic Stabilization Act controls. 1/28/72
34 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1972 p.1022 Designates July 3, 1972, day before Independence Day as a holiday. 5/8/72
35 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1972 p.1023 Establishes 10 sub-state planning districts in compliance with Federal Regional Council-Region II. 8/2/72
36 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1972 p.1024 Continuance of Executive Order No. 16 to June 30, 1975. 9/29/72 See Byrne Nos. 22 (1975), 67 [DJVU] [PDF]
37 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1972 p.1027 Designates November 24, 1972, day following Thanksgiving a holiday. 10/12/72
38 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1972 p.1027 Establishes New Jersey Public Service Institute. 12/19/72
39 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1972 p.1030 Establishes Commission to evaluate New Jersey Workmen's Compensation law and administration. 12/20/72 Amended by No. 45.
40 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1972 p.1032 Establishes State Planning Task Force to coordinate programs and activities affecting environment and growth. 12/22/72 See No. 46.
41 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1972 p.1035 Designates December 28, 1972, day of mourning for President Harry S Truman. 12/26/72
42 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1973 p.1125 Creates New Jersey Sickle Cell Disease Study Commission. 1/2/73
43 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1973 p.1127 Creates Commission on Blood Banking to investigate blood collection systems. 1/2/73
44 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1973 p.1129 Designates January 25, 1973, day of mourning for President Lyndon B. Johnson. 1/23/73
45 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1973 p.1130 Amends Executive Order No. 39. 1/30/73
46 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1973 p.1132 Creates Special Advisory Council on the Future of New Jersey. 5/17/73
47 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1973 p.1135 Suspension hearing of James J. Bonafield, Judge of Compensation. 7/3/73 See No. 57.
48 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1973 p.1137 Gasoline shortage---State employee-drivers-- eliminates unnecessary travel and establishes maximum speed of 50 m.p.h. 7/3/73
49 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1973 p.1138 Amends Executive Order No. 20 to conform to P.L. 91-517. 7/18/73 Amended by Byrne No. 42 (1976).
50 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1973 p.1140 Flood disaster-rehabilitation--responsibility of Acting Director of Division of Civil Defense. 8/3/73
51 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1973 p.1141 Task Force on Economics in Career Education reconstituted as permanent Advisory Council on Economics in Career Education. 8/24/73
52 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1973 p.1143 Creates Board of Trustees of Newark Comprehensive Health Services Plan. 9/28/73
53 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1973 p.1145 Environmental impact statements required of all State agencies. 10/5/73 Superseded in part by Kean No. 71 [DJVU] [PDF]See Kean No. 215 (1989).
54 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1973 p.1149 Designates November 23, 1973, day following Thanksgiving; December 24, 1973, day preceding Christmas; December 31, 1973, day preceding New Year's Day as holidays. 11/1/73
55 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1973 p.1149 Creates the State Emergency Fuel and Energy Agency. 11/2/73 Superseded by Byrne No. 1 (1974). See Byrne No. 2 [DJVU] [PDF]
56 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1973 p.1151 Designates December 24, 1973, day preceding Christmas a Bank holiday. 12/14/73
57 [DJVU] [PDF] L.1973 p.1152 Removal from office of James J. Bonafield as Judge of Compensation. 1/14/74