About the Executive Order Collection

Executive orders, which have the force of law, are issued either pursuant to the general executive power bestowed on the Governor by the Constitution or pursuant to statutes which delegate specific powers to the Governor.   Although many executive orders are clearly temporary in nature, others can remain in force indefinitely.   The beginning of a new administration does not affect the status of the orders of prior administrations. There is no definitive list of orders that are still in force.   The "Status" column of the list below indicates superseding statutes for some orders, but these indications may not be complete.

For the orders of Governors Edison, Edge, and Driscoll, the texts on this site are transcriptions from photocopies of the originals, and are provided here in HTML.   Starting with the orders of Governor Meyner, the texts on this site were scanned from the annual Laws of New Jersey, and are provided for viewing in either PDF and DjVu. In order to view the text in DjVu, please download the DjVu plugin following these instructions. For the orders that are found in the Laws of New Jersey, the "Cite" column gives the locations of the orders in that source.