Our Mission

To enhance scholarly, practitioner, and public access to the materials of New Jersey law and legal history through the processes of digitization, metadata creation, and placement on a freely accessible public website. Rutgers University Library for the Center for Law & Justice is pleased to host the New Jersey Digital Legal Library.

Our Collections

Collection Description
Holmes v. Walton Case file transcriptions (1779-1783) etc.
New Jersey Administrative Reports First Series; Covers 1979-1991
New Jersey Attorney General Opinions Covers 1949-1998
New Jersey Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) Decisions, 1986-Present
New Jersey Department of Human Services, Administrative Orders Orders from 1977 forward
New Jersey Executive Orders Covers 1941 - January 1990
New Jersey Governor's Code of Conduct Text of Code
New Jersey Affordable Housing Archive Various resources relating to affordable housing in New Jersey
New Jersey Legislative Counsel Opinions Opinions Since 2004
Supreme Court of New Jersey Oral Arguments Video Archive of Arguments since 2005
The Law of Slavery in New Jersey Bibliography, Statutes and Cases
The Mount Laurel Material of The Affordable Housing Archive, New Jersey History and Selected Documents
Miscellaneous Documents Topical Legal Documents
Mercer Beasley & Univ. of Newark Law Reviews Digitized versions of select Law Reviews
Statute Compilations Compilations of New Jersey Statutes
Weintraub Lecture Series Selected lectures from the law school's annual lecture series.